Inventors of the PufferBuffy

Who is Andee?

The team at Andee is comprised of young adults and parents  and as asthmatics, we know the familiar struggles of carrying around an asthma inhaler everywhere.

It is pretty obvious to us that the inhaler design is outdated, not fashionable and does not make it easy to carry around.

As young adults, we tend to forget our inhaler or have it stuffed at the bottom of a bag somewhere that makes it hard to get to when we need it. The inhalers look so bad as well so having a PufferBuddy makes it OK to hang it our bag or have it somewhere other people can see it.

As parents, we worry about our children loosing their inhaler or not having it in a secure and accessible place.

This is why we invented the PuffyBuddy. So you can have your puffer wherever you might need it.

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Did you know?

DAccording to asthma Australia, 80% of asthma related hospitalisations are easily preventable.

How long?

Did you know that the Ventolin inhaler design has not changed since 1969? That’s half a century!