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What is the PufferBuddy?

The PufferBuddy is a high quality faux leather skin that fits over a standard asthma inhaler.

It is designed to make your puffer easier to access and reduce the worry of finding it when needed.

With a sturdy metal clip and a range of fashionable colours, your inhaler can be in easy reach rather than left at the bottom of a bag or hiding somewhere in the house!

Why get a PufferBuddy?

A PufferBuddy is a cost-effective and ingenious way to help make accessing your or your child’s inhaler so much easier.

No more hunting around the house, digging around the bottom of a packed school bag or running to the chemist to replace a lost inhaler.

You can now feel confident that you know where it is in case you need it!

Is the PufferBuddy child friendly?

Yes! We designed the PufferBuddy with children in mind. It is made from tough faux leather with heavy duty stitching so it can take a beating.

It comes with a strong metal clip so you can attach it to a school bag, a belt hook or even sports gear.

Plus, with a variety of fashionable colours, your child can feel more comfortable to have their puffer with them.

According to asthma Australia, 80% of asthma related hospitalisations are easily preventable.

Having your inhaler close to you can help!



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